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Why join Kensho?

At Kensho, you have the opportunity to benefit from the collaboration and innovation of a startup environment while also leveraging the resources of one of the world’s largest and most successful financial institutions, S&P Global.

Kensho acts as S&P’s innovation and transformation hub, enabling S&P and its clients to use information more intelligently and effectively. Here, you have the opportunity to create impactful, scalable contributions that have the potential to transform the way the world thinks about data.

You get to work with a diverse and inclusive group of curious, highly accomplished engineers and business professionals who value collaboration, curiosity and mentorship at all levels. At Kensho, swinging for the fences is considered a team sport, and every Kenshin’s unique perspective and experiences are valued. You will never be “just a number” at Kensho.

If this sounds exciting to you, come join us!

What’s the culture like at Kensho?

Action Bias icon
Action Bias
We like results
We insist on a bias towards action and minimize unhelpful hierarchy and process.
Collaboration icon
We solve problems, together
We collaborate, using our teammates' diverse perspectives to solve hard problems.
Trust icon
We believe in our people
We communicate openly, honestly and efficiently.
Forward-looking approach icon
Forward-looking approach
We build for the future
We produce technology that is scalable, robust and useful.
Culture of continuous learning icon
Culture of continuous learning
We value exploration
We dedicate time and resources to explore new ideas in order to keep innovating.

Kensho Diversity & Inclusion

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Kenshins are open-minded and intellectual, and invite the diverse perspectives of our team’s global background. Our culture empowers every employee to bring their full, authentic selves to work and values every Kenshin’s unique perspective and experiences are valued. We know that building a diverse team of people with different backgrounds and experience spurs innovation and helps us make better decisions and build better products.

Kensho continues to recognize, promote and add to our diverse talent in a number of ways. We value diversity at the senior engineering and management levels and celebrate our people across all organizational levels. Kenshins participate in industry events such as Grace Hopper, support other programs that highlight the development of diverse talent in tech, and are committed to attracting candidates from many backgrounds.

How are the benefits and the perks?

Health icon
100% employer-paid insurance that covers you and your family... and more
Wellness icon
26 weeks paid parental leave, flexible work hours... and more
Growth icon
6% 401K match, 20K tuition reimbursement, Knowledge Days... and more

Covid Response

The safety and health of our employees is our top priority. Kensho employees have been primarily working remotely since March of 2020, but our offices are open for Kenshins who would like to use our office space during their workweek. We‘ve also added some special benefits and perks to make working at home easier and more productive.

Kenshins do extraordinary work, which the company enables through a culture of trust and flexibility. This includes flexible work schedules, no-meeting Thursdays for heads-down work on complex tasks, daily reserved personal time and flexible Friday afternoons for testing new ideas, contributing to community impact projects or just starting the weekend off a little early.

We provide a $50 food delivery monthly credit for each employee and send healthy snacks to employees at home. We host regular (virtual) social events and team lunches to help employees unwind.

We also expanded our wellness program, which now includes a free monthly subscription to a relaxation and meditation app, as well as workshops and resources for parents and caregivers.

What do Kensho employees say?

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